Kalouteh Date

 Fruit shape: Oval

 Fruit type: Semi-dry

 Fruit color: light black

 Consumption stage: Date (Tamar)

 Harvest time: September

 Storage conditions: Dry and cool place


 Kalouteh date is very similar to Mazafati in taste and shape but with lower moisture.  The fruit's moisture varies depending on the harvest time and the location of the grove. Its size is generally between 2 to 3.5




Our packaging for Kalouteh date is available in different types; According to customer preferences:

 1- 200g/box (approx 16 pcs/box arranged in one row)*

 2- 400g/box (approx 32 pcs/box arranged in two rows)*

 3- 600g/box (approx 48 pcs/box arranged in three rows)*

 4- Bulk packing in 5-10 Kg packaging


 We are also can provide Kalouteh dates in private labeling with your brand!

*exact weight and pieces of dates depend on some items like size of date

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