Rabbi Date

Fruit shape: Long and Linear

Fruit type: Semi dry

Fruit color: Dark brown

Consumption stage: Date (Tamar)

Harvest time: September

Storage conditions: Dry and cool place


This is one of the popular types, colored dark-brown to black. Its Khalal is red and its Rotab is greenish. Rabbi has thin skin, is juicy, with a little seed and is the most early-ripening type of date in Iran. Rabbi date is extremely popular, so that often it presells before production. This type is also used as an industrial date, and products such as date syrup, date liquid sugar, date chocolate, fruit leather (Lavashak), cookie and some beverage ingredients is obtained from it. Apart from its long shelf life, its shipping is easy and requires no refrigeration.

از ۵
۶ مشارکت کننده